10 Reasons To Shoot Green Screen At Galleon Studios

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Green screen video production

With chromakey software improving day by day and cameras becoming cheaper green screen (or blue screen) filming is now more accessible than ever. Yet when it comes to shooting professionally it’s always best to pick a studio to film in. In a studio the lighting can be controlled and create a really effective key. Yet not all studios are cut out for filming green screen which is why, since 2009, we dedicated ourselves to be the best green screen studios not only in Manchester but in the Northwest. Furthermore there’s a number of reasons we consider ourselves to be a cut above other studios and why, if you have a project requiring chromakey of any type you should come to us.

Green Screen Experience

Since 2009 we have largely dedicated ourselves to green screen video productions. Mainly because of the challenges in crafting beautiful images in studio that will create dazzling images after editing. As such no other studios has been home to as many chromakey projects and no crew has lensed as many green screen productions as us. We know how to get the best of the space, and match the studio to your virtual images to create seamless final key.

We’re A Specialist Filming Studio

Our Manchester hire studios were opened as there was a lack of dedicated filming studios in the Northwest. It soon became apparent that there was also a lack of confidence in most studio in using green screen for their productions. So we opted to seize, rather than avoid, this challenge. What’s more we even offer blog tutorials on how to light green screen.

We Don’t Scrimp On Paint

We use Rosco Chromakey video paint. Rather than a B&Q green or blue coloured paint we opt for the best (much more expensive) specialist paint. It’s chock-full of anti-reflective particles to create a matt finish when light is shone on it. This limits the dreaded “spill” of green on subjects. We also repaint the cove, free of charge, before every hire as it’s impossible to key on damaged or scuffed cove.

Green Screen Lighting

The key to a great key is lighting. We have specialist flicker-free video lighting. Most domestic lights have green “spike” in their output which means it’s automatically casting a green glow on your subject. The problem is this makes keying nigh on impossible. Not only do we have the best lights but we know how to use them both to light the subject and your background. We always strongly encourage you to use one of the dedicated Galleon crew as a gaffer or hire the whole team for your video production.

Live Keyer

In our bid to become the best green screen studio in the North West we have a fair amount of tools in our arsenal. Chief among them is our Live Keyer that lets you see a preview of your final key as you shoot. This means if you already have your existing backgrounds either as a still or a video you can see them keyed live. This means we can light the scene so effectively as to blend the studio location with your virtual background.


Add movement to your video by using our green screen treadmill. You can read all about the treadmill and treadmill hire on our website. We also have green screen turntables, morph suits, motion control rigs, props and boxes. All there to help your green screen video production.

Cameras For Green Screen

Though technology is always improving it’s important to use a professional camera for green screen. This is because the color space offered by most consumer and DSLR cameras is not sufficient to capture the chroma data needed for effective keying. The cameras available to hire at Galleon Studios have 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 color space meaning keying is easier. Also using our 4K cameras means more data being captured which again me and better keying and easier post-production.


Speaking of post-production Galleon Studios has edit facilities on site for either preview or complete post-production work.

Three Choices of Studios

Galleon Studios studio facility comprises of 3 great studios. Our famous infinity cove, our one-of-a-kind soundproof studio and our Live Suite are all capable of green screen. Not only is the infinity cove and The Live Suite almost always green the Soundproof Studio has a range of chromakey options including painting, a vinyl green roll, curtain and colorama. It’s not usual for green screen to be shot in the infinity cove while blue screen, for the same production, is shot in the soundproof studio.


Galleon Studios is the first port of call for many production companies seeking a home for their green screen productions. We’re a second home to CBeebies for their chromakey shoots, many shows shoot their green screen pieces-to-camera under our roof. We’re also used by various museums for A.R. filming due to our experience in that field. Among the credits filmed at Galleon Studios are “Something Special”, “Mr. Bloom”, “Thumbelina”, “Holidays From Hell”, “Blue Peter” and many, many others.

If you’ve made the decision to create a green screen video production make sure it’s memorable and effective and come to us at Galleon Studios. Call us now to discuss your project.