How Businesses Can Use Video

How Businesses Can Use Video image

Regardless of the size of your business video marketing can be a fantastic opportunity. Professional video production can help your business to show off your products and services. Furthermore, it can explain how those products or services work. You can also ask previous customers to leave video reviews of how great you are.

87% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool as opposed to just 63% in 2017. Yet like setting off on a ship without a destination, you should always have a firm goal in mind when making video content or all is lost. The first decision is exactly what you want to achieve by making video content. At Galleon Studios we’ve made thousands of hours of content both in and out of the Manchester hire studio. These have benefitted companies by helping them grow sales, raise awareness, inform prospective clients of services and teach customers how to use a product. Whatever your needs video can be your representative when you can’t explain your business in person.

Video Marketing Strategy

Identifying a strategy for your video content is paramount. At Galleon Productions we’ve graduated from the Google’s WeAreSquared Digital Marketing course and are in a prime position to not help you identify the options open to you but create the head-turning content you want to produce.

If you’re about to embark on your first campaign or need a quick refresher here’s a guide to making different types of video to serve your business.

Video to Increase your brand awareness

  • The video should contain your logo and branding
  • The video has an option at the end – ideally a button, to guide you through to your website or page click through option to take your audience directly to your website
  • You should use language and behaviour that is reflective of your brand.

Where you should use these videos

  • Use this video content as ads on social media platforms like FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn
  • Use the ads specifically as video ads on YouTube.
  • Have your video appear in search results for key terms for your targeting. A video is more likely to be clicked than a normal website link.
  • Use the video in email or direct marketing.

A great video production professionally shot and with a focussed message is much more engaging than text. It instantly lifts and adds value to your brand making it more recognisable and therefore more likely to attract customers. Additionally, people remember 84% more information from a video compared to text on a website or in an email.

Increasing your Sign-Ups and your Sales

At the end of the day, your business needs to make money to survive and for you to earn a decent living. Video is a fantastic tool to nurture and grow your customers .

Video is inherently seen as more trustworthy. Allowing your prospective customers to see and hear you makes them more likely to believe and use your services. 58% of people are more likely to use a customer whose message is supported by video.

Additionally, it’s is a great way to demonstrate your services and see your products. It allows them to see them, learn how it works and also witness the quality..

For professional video production in and out of our amazing studio talk to Galleon Productions today.