Our 2018 April Fools video; taking the form of a video testimonial video.

At our Manchester hire studio Galleon Studios it can’t all be work, work, work (we’ve tried it – it sucks). There’s no point having a hire studio if you can’t have a little fun. So we brought in a few of our favourite actors and produced a Prank video for April Fools.

Take a look at the video and enjoy the tongue in cheek approach to testimonial videos. Testimonial videos involve a business going to their regular customers and asking for an endorsement of their service. Usually, they spotlight how the brand has been turned around by a confident video presentation but in this instance, we queried what if the opposite occurred. What if the video became a criticism of the company but the compliments were so backhanded that it might not be read that way by a naïve video production company. Galleon video productions used that as a jumping off point to examine exactly how the tone of the words that were being said might be seen in one context as positive, or at least neutral while, once seen, then you’d be in no doubt that this company really hasn’t delivered.

Obviously, we like to think no customer feels this way about the videos we produce but it was comedic to think that a company couldn’t even scare up a positive testimonial from anyone.

But before you fear that your testimonial video might turn out like this I have some information for you;

  • Customer video testimonials along with case studies are considered the most effective content marketing tactics
  • Customer video testimonials have the highest effectiveness of video marketing
  • A professional testimonial video, hosted by a presenter, is 10 times more effective that a testimonial video alone.
  • Video testimonials appeal to the emotive part of the brain and make them 3x more effective than factual, stats driven videos

I could go on, basically, testimonial videos, especially those professionally filmed, are a great boon to the sales of your product or service. Just don’t make one like the one above!