It’s Time For Small Business To Make Big Videos

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Todays Small Business Marketplace

There are 97,000 businesses in Greater Manchester. Over 3000 are new Start-Ups. There’s a new industrial revolution happening in Manchester and it’s surrounding areas and it’s tech companies that are leading the fight. Yet despite these encouraging facts 80% of companies fail within 5 years. Moreover, 80% don’t continue past 10 years. The overall attrition rate of 96% is pretty shocking and so it’s up to business owners to do all they can to survive and that includes capitalising on the opportunities video affords them.

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Unfortunately unless your business is disrupting the market in very special ways you’re likely to have competition in your chosen industry. Keeping up with the competitors is a frustrating but necessary part of the job you’ve taken if you’re a business owner. Fortunately the good news is you have advantages the other guy or gal doesn’t. It’s you.

Arguably more than any other time in history “people buy people”. The growth of social media accounts and the followers that come with it mean there’s an ideal opportunity to present your business online and what’s more you can change your style to adapt to your ever-changing market. Furthermore daily status updates, offers and interacting online can make your personality shine through. The problem is nearly everyone is doing the same thing.

Here are some stats that may surprise you

  • Online video will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. People would rather watch a video than read text (errr, like you’re doing now).
  • People retain 84% more visual information than textual.
  • Companies that use video see 41% more web traffic than those that don’t.
  • 76.5% of companies report seeing better results with video marketing than any other form of advertising.

The importance of marketing through video is plane for you to see. Yet so can those who’d compete with you. User-generated content has reached a saturation point. Your news feed is filled with badly framed, poorly shot video disasters (and what’s going on with the sound?).

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It’s not that the content is bad. It’s the packaging that’s the problem. Due to this oversaturation of self-shot video nasties we here at Galleon Studios have noticed two very distinct trends as we enter 2019 that indicate one thing and one thing only:

The Death Of User Generated Content

Beginning at the tail end of 2018 we’ve noticed a large number of “small” companies approach us. Please note I use “small” in inverted commas, as no company should consider themselves “small”. However there’s a limiting mindset that some enterprises have that they do consider themselves “small” but don’t get me started on that now! So back to what we’ve noticed as both a video production company and a hire studio.

We’re being approached by customers who want to upgrade their current self-shot content and move their whole enterprises from their offices (or wherever they can shoot) to our custom-built studio spaces in Manchester. Moreover they capitalise by using the soundproof professional space (and occasionally our kit) to create eye catching content specifically to raise their game against the competition. They are aware of 3 things:

  1. People watch video.
  2. Their competitors are producing video they’re filming themselves.
  3. They need to adapt and up their game.

As such using our fully lit spaces mean they can generate video that stands out. Furthermore they can also capitalise on the kit not readily available to the video blogger; our autocue (rather than struggle to remember words), our cameras (rather than squinting at an iPhone screen), and our microphones (no more tinny sound!)

Of course I’m not suggesting a daily visit to the studio to knock out a video post or two (though I’d love to see you everyday! Honest). I’m suggesting using a professionally shot video to enhance your current offering.

Statistics show that bookending your selfshot video content with something more polished increases conversion 10 times!

New Video Content Ideas For Small Business

The other thing clients are doing is hiring our video production services to shoot their videos for exactly the same reason; to create better content for their brand and their clients.

For example our client replaced his whole FAQ section with a video FAQ. According to him he had 5-10 emails a day coupled with 3-5 calls that ate up at least 20 minutes each. Once he replaced his FAQ with videos (that he introduced himself) his customer support calls all but ended. Those that did come through were easily solved by steering them toward the appropriate video on his site

Video on websites does make a real difference. Putting a video on your landing page increases visitor retention and increases conversions by 80%.

So now’s the time to embrace professional video and there’s no more a professional environment than our amazing studio space. It’s available to dry hire or with crew and we’re happy to talk to businesses about their video needs that deliver results to match both your expectations and your budget. Your clients demand more; you should deliver more. Don’t think small – make your videos BIG!

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