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Manchester Music Video 

Manchester has been the creative home to music for decades. It is only right then that a thriving music industry goes hand-in-hand with creative video production.  Galleon Studios has been home to Galleon Productions since 2006. Since we opened our doors as well as numerous corporate, commercial and broadcast video productions we have welcomed many budding and established musical acts. As a studio space, that is primarily green screen, it’s always nice to welcome the creative freedom and boundless innovation that a musical act can bring to the studios. So if you are an artist looking to use a studio to make their music video then Galleon Studios has great experience you can draw from as well as the ideal Manchester studio to film in.

A music video needs to do two things. It needs to establish the artist in both sound and vision. For a new artist, a music video should be a calling card in the same way as a demo would be. As such it should readily encapsulate all that the artist represents or all the skill that they can bring to bear on a track.

Each artist is different, each song is unique and each talent is multifaceted. Even so, we have a few suggestions if you are looking to break out of the usual music video trappings and move into a professional filming studio. On this page, you will see examples of music video shot in the studio. Some were lensed by Galleon Studios while others were shot by various talented production companies who have turned their hand to music videos and promos.

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White Screen Music Video

The great thing about a white infinity cove is that it gives the audience nowhere else to look but the artist. If you’re a band it means that the viewer can marvel at your musical skills without any background distraction.

Blackout Music Video

If you’re somewhat edgy the idea of a whiteout music video may seem “wrong” for your sound. As such you could consider a “blackout” music video. Here we use blackout curtains to shroud the studio in darkness. In the same way that the viewer has no alternative to but to watch the performance when using white screen the same can be said for black screen. The added bonus on black is the use of lighting. Though coloured lighting can be used on white screen it is much more effective on black. Atmospheric shots can be easily accomplished just by adding a splash of colour.

Green Screen Music Video

For a truly creative music video the music artist can always choose green screen. Green screen filming means that the green screen studio can be transformed into whatever environment you wish. Using props and practical effects can also help. Even the addition of a fan can add movement to a scene and make the scene come to life.

Galleon Studios have unrivaled experience in green screen video production. Since 2010 we have pioneered green screen video production in the northwest. As such if you do want to create a truly effective music video using green screen we encourage you to pick our brains. We have various green screen tools like live keyers (so you can see your final key as you shoot) morph suits, treadmills, and turntables that can all help create truly unique visuals.

Set Building

If your budget is higher you can always create the perfect set with use of our set building skills. We’re always eager to discuss new ideas so get in touch.


Galleon Studios have worked with artists across every genre so if you’re an established musician, a band or a gifted newcomer get in touch. We have bespoke packages for music videos that you can check out below and then get in touch with us.

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