The Top 10 Reasons You Should Hire A Studio For Your Next Shoot

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When you need a location for your video production there ‘s probably a few options open to you depending on your production. If it’s a corporate you could shoot it at your client’s premises, if it’s an interview maybe you could go to the contributors home or place of work, if it’s a film then you may want to shoot on location. So what exactly are the advantages when you hire a studio for your filming? At Galleon Studios we are obviously strongly in favour of using any studio (not just our Manchester studio hire) for filming.  Below I’ve outlined why choosing to film your next video production in a specialist hire studio will be the best decision you’ve ever made for your project.
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1) Client comfort. Ultimately your clients are your customers. They could be producers of your TV program, the boss of the company you’re promoting, or the band members in the video you’re shooting. At the end of the day it’s them that are going to pay for your production so why not give them a pleasant experience they’ll tell their colleagues and peers about?

2) No interruptions. I’m not talking about a studio being a controlled environment (that’s point 4!). No. How often have you been set to film and your contributor gets called away, or receives a phone call or has an unexpected meeting? By moving the shoot to a dedicated filming space the contributor, the actor, the interviewee or whoever is in front of camera KNOWS that this is a place for filming. We’ve filmed with busy CEO’s of the worlds biggest companies, world-renowned Doctors and professors, masters of industry. Yet when they’re in the studio they’re malleable and communicative, you’ll find the time and consideration they give you to be very different than they might anywhere else.

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3) A place to network. If you’re a lone videographer working in a collaborative environment of a hire studio can not only help you generate new ideas but reinvigorate your shooting style. It also helps you mix with other creative in an environment where you can build relationships and those all important contects.

4) A controlled environment. Hiring a studio means you’re hiring a place to film you are in complete control of. Think of that for a minute. It’s not like hiring a location or arriving at a place of work; a studio is a blank slate. You can build a set, paint the place, use a green screen to digitally create your environment. What’s more lighting is completely under your control. We live in a noisy world; you can protect yourself from sound interruptions by using a sound insulated or fully soundproof studio.

5) Time. The most precious commodity on a film set. When you arrive on location you need to unload your vehicles and, set up lights and kit. Imagine arriving in a place where lights are already set, where equipment is to hand. That’s what a studio can buy you. Extra time on your filming day. That extra time can be used getting additional takes, communicating with your cast or crew or just gifting people with regular breaks. You may even (gulp) wrap early!

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6) Start on the right foot. Further to the above when you choose a studio you can be assured your crew will not only be able to find the location but be able to park. Parking in locations can be an expensive nightmare. Remove the stress from clients, crew, talent (and your production coordinator!) by choosing a place to film they can locate. It’ll mean your day start your day with a calm crew, a relaxed talent and not having to clock watch to re-park your car at a certain hour. A studio can help you in a scheduling your day better and remove any element of worry from people having to navigate to a shooting location at an office or house.

7) Production value$. Studio lighting is a real bonus to the look of your production. If you’re a low budget filmmaker your camera might not be all you’d hope. The great thing about professional lighting in a studio environment is it can make the footage from even the cheapest camera footage look like it was shot on an Arri Alexa. Studio filming makes your production stand out from the crowd and gives your project an edge in our cyrrent age where everyone has a camera and wants to use it.
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8) Access to props and equipment. Most studios worth their salt then have everything you can dream of under their roof. The camera breaks? There’s another to hand. A bulb blows, another lamp replaces it, suddenly need a jib shot? Hey, there’s one in the corner! Picture the alternative, on location, broken camera, no light and a jib, yeah, you can order one. And twiddle your thumbs till it arrives. You can also benefit from a studios wide collection of props costumes and other filming essentials they’ll have gathered from years of making high-quality productions just like yours.

9) Creature comforts. An army marches on its stomach, and a film crew is no different. When filming it helps if cast and crew can help themselves to tea, coffee, biscuits and snacks. A kitchen means food can be prepared on site and the studio usually has a number of catering options you can use for lunch.  Then there’s the fact that a studio generally has a  comfortable lounge where clients and crew can hang out and eat in peace. A fed crew, a comfortable crew, is a happy crew.

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10) Create your own world. Not only on screen but also off it. Making any kind of production is like conducting an orchestra, and a great studio is like a great auditorium (stick with me here). As the conductor you dictate the pace and feel of the shoot. In a hire studio, you have the means to make whatever music you like. You’re not filming in an office with a myriad of distractions; you’re not filming on a street where the public can stop you dead. You dictate the production here and now. And on screen? Using a studio, whether it’s a home to sets, an infinity cove studio or soundproof studio you can fashion an onscreen world only limited by your imagination.