Video For Social Media

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Social Media Video

If you’re looking to engage with your customers then video for social media is for you. This doesn’t mean creating expensive video content for your channels; be they Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat or LinkedIn. What it does mean is tailoring your video production content to these channels.

Best Practice for Social Media Video

The days of holding your camera 5 cm’s from your face and shouting at your audience are really behind us. Nowadays your audience are looking for not only quality content but original content. It’s a word bandied around a lot but really if you’re filming video productions for your brands or business there’s a word you should have in mind at all times. Shareable.

Shareable Video Content

  • 93% of people share video content with others (Wordstream)
  • video generates 12 times more shares than images or text (small biz trends)


10 million videos are watched on SnapChat per day. This audience is different in demographics that your LinkedIn audience so don’t give them the same content. Instead, re-edit your content to suit them. The easiest way to do this is to use different voice over and therefore a different message to capture those customers.

We regularly edit the same video content into different forms and repackage it for the audience of different platforms. So if you’re coffee company marketing to an older audience you may want to have a more refined cultured message to accompany your visuals. If you want to market the same coffee product to a younger audience on a SnapChat you could re-edit the same video production with a younger voiceover and more jokey message.

Personality is everything

Your social media videos should be an extension of your own brand’s ethos. Barclays shouldn’t be sharing video content of employees putting whopper cushions under colleagues chairs. By the same token if you’re a creative marketing agency then your identity out on the social media platforms shouldn’t be stuffy.

On a budget? Make the most of your filming

I’ve already spoken of repurposing footage to suit your audience. Many companies who come to Galleon Studios shoot much of their social media content the same day. That way they maximise their impact. Yes, they can film short pieces in their offices using their camera phones or DSLR’s. Yet when they really want to grab the attention they drop a professional, jaw-dropping video. The explosive effect of a professionally shot video, in or out of a studio-based setting, really gets them noticed.

Not only that but a really good video can be repurposed and repackaged to stay relevant as long as your product or service.

Making The Most Of Your Video For Social Media

With 300k videos uploaded daily. 300 hours of video content gets uploaded on YouTube every minute. In order to cut through the noise, you need creative, original and shareable content. If you’re looking for ideas or the know-how to get your social media videos getting clicks, likes and shares then speak to us. At Galleon Studios our video production services can help your brand, increase your engagement and ultimately get you sales. Speak to Kris or Les today at Galleon Studios and give your social media videos a shot in the arm.

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