Video Production in Manchester

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Manchester Video Production With Studios

As the world reopens it’s time to get your video production back on track. However if there’s been no real income for your company for the last few months scraping together the pennies for that all important video push may be a struggle. At Galleon Studios we’ve been helping agencies and organisations film their projects since 2003. With our fully equipped studios and using the latest cameras and know how we can be the missing piece of the puzzle to get you back on track.

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One Place For Your Video Production

Rather than hire a video company and a studio separately, or have the video company hire the studio, you can come to Galleon direct. This not only instantly grants you savings but also releases the years of knowledge and experience we hold. Using the latest video production cameras and our outstanding studio spaces we can bring your production together under one (covid safe) roof.

With literally thousands of productions, ranging from live events to broadcast telly, under our belts we can ensure your next video production ticks all the boxes. We have a wealth of experience in broadcast, corporate and training videos, e-learning, live green screen and a host of productions.

Time Saving

As well as budget saving using Galleon Studios crew for your production is actually time saving. Often when people hire the studios it’s their first time in the space. They are learning it out at the same time as their clients. However we’re been filming under it’s roof since 2007 meaning that we know every way to make it work for your project.

Everything Included

If you hire us along with the studio then not only do you get our experience (have I mentioned our experience?) but you also get access to the kit. The toys, as we call them, are not only there to make our job and your project go easier, they are also there to make it fun! No one likes a high pressured shoot. So we have toys that can be brought out if the project seems to be struggling:

Got talent who can’t deliver the lines? Time to bring out the autocue! No time for post production? Then let’s edit it live with our mixer? Need to see the green screen against an existing backgoround so you know it’ll work? Time to break out the live keyer.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have mics of all sorts, a 360 degree slider that will boggle your mind and props and furniture up the wazoo! And how much does this cost? Well it’s all included in the flat fee.

That’s right. At Galleon Studios we care about the job, not the bottom line and we’re inherently lazy (only when it comes to pricing!). So we have an all in package whereby you get 2 crew, the studios and all kit for the knock down price of £1180+vat

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That price includes all the toys we have  as well as use of whatever studio we feel best suits your project. If we feel we need 2 studios to do it justice we use 2 studios. If we feel we need all 3 then guess what? We use all 3 and the price does not change. No one else offers this level of commitment to your project, nowhere else has the best range of kit and nothing else should do for your project. Come to Galleon Studios and see what we can offer for you both in studio and out on location.