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What are the Benefits of Corporate Video Production?

Written by Sophia Young – Content Studio

Before social media, corporate videos were not essential in a marketing strategy. They were expensive and complicated to make. Nowadays, videos have become integral when coming up with a competitive marketing plan.

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What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is a non-advertisement video content created for a business. It is a lot different from a promotional or advertising video. The main focus of an ad video is the launching of a new product or service, as well as maintaining an interest in the existing ones. On the other hand, corporate video production focuses on showing clients what your business is all about. It introduces them to your company’s brand, products, and services in an interactive manner.

A starting business owner can find that producing a corporate video is a little daunting. While others do not have the time, means, and experience to make one. Some companies that specialise in audiovisual production and animation offer video production services. They can help make a tailored-fit corporate video for your business.

If you want to find out what your company can gain from a corporate video, read the list below:

Marketing Tool

A well-thought corporate video is a strategic tool to advertise a company’s profile. You can showcase the company’s advocacy, products, or services through creative video storytelling. It is an effective way to generate a positive brand impression on possible clients and customers. A solid product reaction can result in a purchase. Increasing product visibility through corporate video can help improve sales too.

Boosting Search Engine Rank

Recently, videos have been ranking higher on SERP. People are relying more on videos, whether it is for education or entertainment. A video embedded website has a higher chance of appearing on the first page of search results. Current statistics show this uptrend. You can increase your SEO rankings by updating and posting videos on your website regularly. You’ll also be able to boost the free leads you get.

Since not all companies are utilising corporate videos, this is an advantage your company can have over your competitors. Grab this opportunity by using appropriate titles and information in your videos. People will most likely click your website link if they think it is relevant in their search.

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Create Trust

It can promote trust and instill confidence in your company. A video can show existing and potential clients how things are done in your company. It is a way of attracting new customers while keeping your existing ones updated. Real-life experiences are easier to simulate using video content too. By employing this, people will get a feeling of familiarity. They’ll think that they have tried your product. Trust increases as customers learn more about your brand, products, and services.

Extensive Presentation

Due to the time constraint, ad videos are not enough to present in detail what your company offers. They usually run for 30 to 60 seconds only. That is not enough time to showcase your business. Comprehensive video storytelling of your business is delivered through a corporate video. You can make in-depth presentations of your brand, its products, and its services. People absorb information conveyed through videos easier than by reading informational text.

Brand Awareness

Potential customers can come across your company’s social media channels. If your content is captivating and unique, people will like, follow and share your posts. As your company’s engagement rate rises, your brand recognition also gets better. Brand recognition makes customers remember your products and services without difficulty.

Induce Corporate Interest

Well-made, engaging corporate videos can stir people’s interests. Interested people tend to stay longer and will browse through your company’s site. Catchy and creative videos can help people retain the information they just watched. It can influence them to buy your products or services. Aside from that, they might share your videos on their social media accounts. Video sharing leads to exposure to a variety of audiences. It can generate mass interest in your company. All this, in turn, can become sales.

Customer Conversion

Recent design trends include embedding videos in your website. It can run in the background without interfering with the browsing experience. It is one way of converting a neutral browser into an actual customer. People tend to buy what they have recently seen in videos. You can profit from it whether you have a small business or a large corporation.


One good thing about video content is you can re-edit and repurpose the final video output. You can cut the initial corporate video you have into smaller sections. Use these shorter videos as content in your company’s social media channels. By re-editing the video content, you can convey a different message from the initial one you had. Money and other resources are saved by revamping and reusing your video content.

You now understand the benefits of corporate video production. A strategic and creative video-based marketing plan can do wonders for your company. Your business will gain a lot if you keep these in mind.

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