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Manchester Video Production From Galleon Studios

When you need a top quality video production agency in Manchester for your upcoming project, Galleon Studios delivers the highest-quality service. Our Manchester studios also host our talented Galleon Productions team, who are experienced in providing video production, including scriptwriting, to a range of clients. Galleon Productions has been working with top quality companies in Manchester and throughout the UK since 2003, building years of experience and using state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the best results. We can assist you throughout the lifecycle of your project thanks to our multi-talented team and their extensive knowledge and experience.

Our video production services are available both in our studio and on location, ensuring you capture the footage you need for any storyboard. Our creative team can take your project from an idea to a sleek final product, offering every service that you need from pre-production to post-production and distribution.

We work with local agencies and have experience working with major broadcasters too. Our clients range from corporate clients to media companies, multinational businesses, and even local authorities. Combining both creativity and attention to detail, we always ensure that our clients get exactly what they are looking for.

Whatever your budget or your requirements, we have the chops to work with you and deliver incredible video production services. Our many years of experience in both filming and editing products of all sizes and budgets gives us the ability to adapt to any conditions. We always fully commit to the creative process, never compromising on our vision to get the client what they want. Every company that we work with benefits from the passion of our team and our complete dedication to getting it right.

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Using dynamic visuals, we use storytelling techniques to get your message across. Our skills include producing commercials to engage your audience, eye-catching corporate video production, interviews, and Q&As, talking heads videos, tutorials and training, event videos, and much more. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, we will take your requirements and deliver the results you want with the help of our expert team, including motion graphics to enhance your video content.

Give us a date, a start time and a postcode and we’ll do our thing!

Give us the seed of an idea and we’ll make it grow. From the very beginning of your project, right through to completion, we offer the best video production service you could hope for. Our Manchester agency has delivered scripts for some of the biggest shows in the country and we have filmed in a variety of environments, both in-studio and on-location.

In post-production, the utmost care will be taken to finalise your video. With the benefit of our state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we are able to provide editing, special effects, and animations to complete the finishing touches.

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Our work doesn’t stop there. As certified Google marketers with the Wearesquared program, we can take care of distribution and get your video in front of the right people. Whether you want to promote your project locally or globally, we have the experience and knowledge to make it happen.

Contact us to find out more about our corporate video production services in Manchester, and how we can support you on your project.

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Why work with a video production company in Manchester?

A good video production company in Manchester can help match their skills with your project. This means being as simple as complex as you need. YOUR audience is a fantastic way of gauging exactly what kind of production you need. If your message is simple, you can dazzle them with green screen brilliance, or keep your message simple. Alternatively, if you have complex messaging, we can help you visualise it in a way that is easy for your audience to digest. This could be science related, medical related or even updating your employees or clients on new procedures.

Utilising a corporate video production company can help put your business in perspective. As an outside agency, video production companies can often see things perhaps as a company you’ve become used to. This can be an innovation that you’re really underselling, or perhaps your core business could benefit from a “how to” explainer video. 

Although costs are often a concern to clients in hiring a Manchester video production agency, the overall benefits outweigh the investment. The ROI of an effective video is staggering. Insert stats here. Presenting a polished streamlined video version of your offering or service rather than one filmed in house on an iPhone is guaranteed to catch the eye of your customers. For example, a professional video of your products on Amazon means that it will certainly outstrip those that choose not to have a video or produce one low-budget in house. The same example, spreads across all industries and businesses. Get in touch with us to discuss what Video might do for your company.

How much input do we need?
As a veteran of hundreds of Productions in Manchester and the UK, we can always provide examples of previous videos in your industry. This can help you decide what you do (and what you don’t) want in your video production. It can also open your eyes to the enormous potential of a video.

So even if you don’t feel that your product or service is video-worthy, it’s always worth getting in touch and discussing exactly what your options might be.

Once commissioned, our agency will always keep in touch with you in order to get your input. You are definitively the best person to discuss your business and we will take our lead from you.

How long does it take?
Once we’ve discussed your project with you initially, we will always endeavour to give you a timetable of exactly what we think your production needs and when. Our agency can assist with defining the look of your video as well as casting decisions. We have a crew available and ready with every role covered, be it make up artist, sound designers, set builder‘s camera operators and post production crew. Therefore, no matter the scope with your production, as aa professional agency, we always have somebody who is an expert in that field.

Your actual video may only take a day to shoot. Alternatively, it might take a number of days. We’re always willing to take a look at your budget and decide exactly what can be achieved. So, if your budget is low, we can give an open and honest evaluation, and find the best route through. 

When it comes to editing, we have a rule of thumb that everyday filming on location tends to equal two days editing. If we are filming in the studio on green screen this can increase to 3 days of editing. Again, it depends on the nature of your production, and whether we have to create backgrounds from scratch and what your branding guidelines (if any) are.

What industries do you work with?
Galleon Productions have worked in every type of industry. However, our agency has a particular knowledge of the medical and pharmaceutical industry. This comes from producing thousands of hours of training content for student doctors as well as video case studies of pharmacological medicine. 

We also have numerous broadcast credits for the major channels and various independents. This includes filming master interviews for some of the top TV shows on television today and filming opening credits sequences for many popular programs. 

When it comes to corporate e-learning content, there is no better partner, and we are truly experts in crafting memorable and creative modules for topics, as varied as accounting, car sales, and even virtual tour guides.

What types of videos do you produce?

After 16 years’ experience, there are very few industries that we haven’t been involved in. We have a particular set of skills when it comes to green screen. This means we can effectively light and key your production, adding your talent to whatever background you feel is appropriate. We’ve also filmed VR, AR. We filmed live sporting and music events as well as live streaming them inside and out of the studio. 

We have filmed corporate videos, music videos, opening sequences for television shows (including the incredibly popular Gladiators (2023) opening titles, whole programs, short films, medical videos (covering every type of procedure) and “how to” videos.

As an agency, we are being increasingly asked to produce corporate content for TikTok and Instagram, and as such have various tools, like vertical rigs, to ensure that we can use the most professional cameras while keeping to the stringent format that those platforms need. 

Many clients opt to book a day with us in our Manchester studios for hire, and have all three spaces at their disposal. This means producing content on the green screen at the same time as filming social videos in one of us other spaces, as well as photography in our third space. This way you could absolutely maximise your time in the studio and leave with one month’s worth of content in one day of filming. 

If your project is more involved and requires several days shooting, we can help you evaluate your budget and find the best way through to ensure the maximum impact for your corporate video production. If you’re considering using a video production agency in Manchester, get in touch with us and see what Galleon Productions can provide in order to create an extraordinary project for your company.

Can AI now make my videos for me?

That’s an interesting question. And one we’ve addressed in our blog “Can AI Replace Corporate Video Production“.

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