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Virtual Events at Galleon Studios

Galleon Studios has 3 fantastic green screen spaces ideal to be used as virtual event studios. Located just off the M62 at junction 19 we’re ideal for Manchester, Leeds, and Liverpool. What’s more, we’re not a fly-by-night enterprise that’s seen a gap in the market. We’re a long-established green screen studio that has been live streaming professionally since 2009. We have live streamed everything from beauty and fashion events, Royal visits, Red Carpet shindigs, and decisive Brexit debates (sorry about that!).

We’ve used our unrivaled knowledge of green screen and smashed it together with our live events experience and created the ultimate venue for your Virtual Event. We try our best to make it as good for your guests as them actually being there in person.

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virtual event product launch image

What Can We Offer?

We know that in an ideal world you wouldn’t need our live streaming services. In another that world you’d be mixing with your delegates, having a not so quiet drink and generally making a great, memorable event for all involved. There can be a certain amount of trepidation in moving your event online. It’s not just handing the reigns over to a certain extent. It’s trusting your event to technology, and relying on the team that can use that technology. For us though this isn’t an area we suddenly found ourselves in. This is our comfort zone; where we’ve worked and succeeded for years.


Seasoned on live events and live streaming you’d be hard-pressed to get a more reliable and savvy team. Go on, look. I bet you can’t find one.


Your jaw will hit the deck when you see the kit we can throw at your virtual event. As mentioned we have 3 studios. Boasting the only soundproof studios in the Northwest and the region’s best infinity cove. Further to this, we have kit galore. What’s that over there? It’s an autocue (or 4). And there? That’s a motion control rig. What’s that? That’s a Tricaster, the most advanced streaming kit on the planet (as their blurb boasts) and I would not argue. We have all the gear, and luckily, plenty of ideas.

Comfort and Facilities

The Studios are not only equipped with kit they are comfortable and stylish too. This ensures your very important guest speakers can relax before going in front of the lens. We can help make their day special by pampering them in the make-up room and ensuring them they are camera ready. Our kitchen boasts refreshments and our client lounge means guests can watch the stream in comfort.

Your Speakers Presentation Where They Need It

At Galleon Studios we’ve welcomed celebs from every field, people from all over the world, and we want to make sure the info they need is right where they want it. This can mean using our autocue to present their slides. So, they look at the camera they see their slides. The audience at home sees an engaged, confident speaker addressing them directly. Just like they would if they were in a large auditorium.

How Should Your Event Look? The World (and Beyond) Is Your Oyster!

Place your event anywhere on Earth with green screen. Want to make a whole virtual world for your virtual set? Go ahead.  Our job is to ensure that, though social distancing may limit the contact you can have with your audience, that there’s no limit to the shape your event can take. Want a completely CGI world, talk to us. Want to replicate your head office? You got it! Want to go to Bali? The Moon? Let us know. Our Manchester studio can be anywhere in the universe.

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Alex Brooker at Galleon Studios image

New to live streaming? Have questions? Need ideas? Take a lookee here:

Can you incorporate Zoom, Microsoft teams, Google Hangouts, Skype, A.N.Other into the Virtual Event?


Can I stream it to Youtube? Vimeo? Facebook Live? A Private part of my company website?


How about Instagram?

Yes. We’re the only live streaming company who can live stream to instagram using a multicam studio set-up (but don’t tell anyone!).

Can you handle tickets and booking?


I just need the studio for a few hours for a simple live virtual event. Do I need to pay for a full day?

No. We have our amazing (and brand new) studio; The Live Suite. Fully equipped and set-up for small scale virtual events.

Can you pre-film content we can add into the live stream?


Can you make the stream “on demand” if people miss it?


I’m an agency. Can you white label?

Yes. We do it all the time.

My Virtual Event is monthly. Can you handle subscription payments?


I want interactivity with viewers? Can you help?


We’re an international company so our website isn’t really built for live streaming. Can you help without us having to rebuild our site?


I use the word “granular” a lot. I love analytics. Can you give me the numbers of viewers/engagement et al?


Do I have to use your studios?

No. Let us come to you.

I have no idea where to host my event. Or where to start. Can you help?

Yes. Take a look at our “How Do I Move My Event Online?” blog and pick up the phone (or send us an email).

Virtual Events Studio Manchester

No matter what your stage your event is at if you suddenly need to pivot your company to be able to offer Virtual Events we’re ready, willing, and, above all, able to help. So get in touch with us here at Galleon Studios. We’ve worked with agencies large and small, companies from all around the globe. All aiming to make knock-out live streaming events that get engagement and applause; that celebrate, that entertain, that wow. Join us for your next one.

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